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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Mykonos, Greece

Looking for a taste of the quintessential Greek island experience? Look no further than Mykonos! Nestled in the Cyclades, this tiny island is an Instagrammer's dream, serving up picture-perfect moments at every turn. Mykonos Town, in particular, is an absolute charmer with its enchanting white-washed stone alleys, cute blue shutters, whimsical windmills, and idyllic churches, not to mention a plethora of outdoor dining spots that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're on a quest for epic parties or seeking a serene escape, Mykonos will have you bidding farewell with a wish for more time. While some jet-setters opt for a quick two-nighter, I strongly recommend stretching your stay to a luxurious four nights and three days. This way, you can truly savor the town's delights, soak up the sun on its exquisite beaches, explore captivating sights, and, of course, indulge in some well-deserved R&R.

And to make sure you make the most of your Mykonos escapade, I've put together the ultimate travel guide below. Expect a delightful assortment of my personal favorites, jam-packed with ideas for your itinerary, handpicked hotels to rest your weary head, mouthwatering restaurant recommendations, the scoop on the best sunset bars, pristine beaches, fantastic photo spots, and a whole lot more. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Mykonos, one fun-filled day at a time!

Getting to Mykonos, Greece

Getting to Mykonos is a breeze, thanks to its excellent accessibility. The island boasts an international airport that caters to numerous cities across Europe, along with a handful of domestic routes. And for those intrepid island-hoppers among us, fret not; there's a multitude of ferry options linking Mykonos to its neighboring isles, including Paros, Santorini, and Milos.

When I embarked on my island-hopping adventure, I turned to the trusty Seajets to secure my tickets in advance. This nifty tool compiles schedules from various ferry lines, making it a seamless experience to plan your island-hopping escapade.

Pro-tip: Arrive at the port ahead of time to beat the crowds, as it tends to fill up rapidly.

Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece

Explore Chora

Locally referred to as Chora, Mykonos Town is a favored hub for travelers setting up camp during their island adventures. This picturesque Cycladic village boasts a landscape adorned with classic Greek architecture, cozy local tavernas, and enchanting churches. Kickstart your Mykonos journey by taking a leisurely stroll through the town's winding alleyways. This immersive experience will lead you to stumble upon Chora's well-concealed treasures, whimsical art galleries, and charming chapels, offering a delightful beginning to your Mykonos escapade.

Agias Paraskevis Street

This enchanting alleyway may not look quite as Instagram-worthy during the bustling daylight hours, with shops open and tourists milling about. To capture the iconic charm of Agias Paraskevis Street, plan an early morning visit when the shops are still closed, allowing you to enjoy a serene stroll and snap that perfect photo.

Boni’s Windmill

For a panoramic view that will steal your heart, take a brief hike up to Boni's Windmill. While the solitary windmill itself is a sight to behold, it's the breathtaking vistas over Mykonos Town that truly make this one of the island's top viewpoints.

Kato Mili Windmills

The island's iconic windmills are a leisurely stroll away from the enchanting Little Venice waterfront. This spot is a hotbed for tourists, especially when cruise ships dock, so I'd suggest making it your first stop of the day to savor the tranquility before the crowds arrive.

Little Venice Waterfront

A vibrant intersection where the heart of the town meets the boundless sea. Little Venice is a must-visit during the daylight hours, as well as at sunset when you can savor the view with a glass of wine in hand.

Panachra Church

This stunning white church graces a quaint cobbled square, surrounded by a riot of colorful flags and blossoming flowers, creating a picturesque scene that's perfect for capturing memories.

Paraportiani Church

As the most photographed church on the island, Paraportiani holds a unique charm that's best experienced without the hustle and bustle of crowds. Arriving early allows you to soak in the whimsical, Flintstones-esque appearance of this white rocky church, which is actually a combination of several churches artfully crafted to resemble a single, rocky structure.

Plintri Beach

Situated in the southern reaches of Mykonos, Plintri Beach, also affectionately known as Super Paradise Beach, boasts pristine, turquoise waters that magnetize droves of tourists during the height of the season. But it's not all about the bustling crowds. Plintri Beach is a hidden gem, a sanctuary of unspoiled beauty that seems like your very own private oasis. This secluded haven is tailor-made for those in search of serenity, far removed from the bustling masses. Whether you're reclining under the sun's warm embrace or indulging in a leisurely swim, Plintri Beach is your guaranteed ticket to a tranquil escape.

Ftelia Beach

For a beach experience that's off the beaten path, Ftelia Beach is an undiscovered gem waiting to be explored. Nestled on the island's northern shores, it's a windsurfing haven with a laid-back vibe. Take a seat at one of the local tavernas and savor a meal while soaking in the relaxed atmosphere, or simply lounge on the sun-kissed sands.

Kalafati Beach

Kalafati Beach is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering everything from windsurfing to jet skiing. It's located on the southeastern side of Mykonos and boasts a vibrant atmosphere. The beach is lined with inviting sunbeds and umbrellas, making it a fantastic spot to soak up the sun. And if you're feeling adventurous, dive into the thrilling world of water sports.

Lia Beach

Lia Beach is a tranquil haven on the southern coast of Mykonos, perfect for those seeking a serene escape. The calm turquoise waters and the picturesque surroundings make it an ideal spot for relaxation. Explore the rocky coastline, enjoy a leisurely swim, or simply unwind with a good book in hand. It's a true oasis of peace on this vibrant island.

Pro Tip: Elevate your Mykonos experience by renting a car or ATV to embark on your own island adventures. Mykonos is incredibly accessible with a vehicle, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for your visit. During my stay, I observed countless travelers opting for ATVs and cars as their preferred mode of transportation. We personally chose to hop on an ATV on most days, allowing us to journey to the hidden beaches tucked away beyond the town's limits. It's the perfect recipe for exploration and discovery!

Where to Eat in Mykonos, Greece

Souvlaki Story

Discover the culinary sensation of Mykonos with Souvlaki Story, the island's renowned food brand that promises an unforgettable taste adventure. If you're in search of an authentic Greek dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds, look no further.

Souvlaki Story stands as the premier grill restaurant in Mykonos, where the essence of Greek cuisine comes to life. Here, the focus is on crafting mouthwatering souvlaki and gyros, prepared with the freshest ingredients and grilled to absolute perfection. Their menu offers a wide array of choices, from the classic pork and chicken souvlaki to delectable vegetarian options like grilled halloumi and falafel. And don't leave without indulging in their signature gyros, generously filled with succulent meat and adorned with zesty tzatziki sauce.

For my own dining experience, I couldn't resist the falafel platter, and it was nothing short of heavenly. But Souvlaki Story is more than just a culinary haven; it's an experience that captures the essence of Mykonos. Their charming outdoor seating area offers breathtaking views of the Mykonos coastline, making every meal a feast for the eyes as well. The friendly staff and lively atmosphere create an ambiance that ensures each visit is a memorable one. So, whether you're in the mood for a quick and satisfying bite or seeking a leisurely dining experience that captures the essence of Greek hospitality, Souvlaki Story is your perfect destination.

Giora's Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery

Nestled within the charming lanes of Mykonos, Giora's Bakery stands as a true island treasure. With roots tracing back to the 18th century, it's the oldest working bakery on Mykonos and the Cyclades' oldest wood-fired bakery. Remarkably, it has been lovingly owned and operated by the same Vamvakourides family for over two centuries. Tucked away on Ignatiou Basiliou Street, Giora's Bakery's unassuming facade gives little away. Yet, the tantalizing scents that beckon you closer reveal its delicious secret – a bakery steeped in tradition. Giora's Bakery crafts an enticing range of freshly baked goods, from bread to biscuits, pies, and pastries, perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any snack throughout the day. I had the pleasure of savoring their classic orange pie, and it was a taste revelation.

If you're planning a Mykonos trip, make time for Giora's. Enjoy a Freddo Cappuccino or a Greek coffee, and don't miss their homemade biscuits and famous baklava. Giora's Bakery isn't just a bakery; it's a timeless slice of Mykonos's history and a place where tradition and flavor unite.

Snack bar Leonidas

I stumbled upon Leonidas Snack Bar during my visit to Mykonos, and it turned out to be a fantastic little gem right in the heart of Mykonos Town! It's conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Little Venice. While it's primarily a takeaway spot with a few outdoor chairs and tables, the food is top-notch, offering a wide variety of excellent choices made with high-quality ingredients. I couldn't resist trying the pork souvlaki, and it certainly exceeded my expectations!

Raya Restaurant

At Raya Restaurant, you'll discover a remarkable setting by the shores of Mykonos Town, where the essence of Mediterranean cuisine comes to life using the freshest local ingredients. It's the perfect place to savor extraordinary moments with your family and friends.

During my visit, I indulged in a culinary journey that included the Fried calamari as the appetizer, followed by the Shrimp saganaki adorned with creamy feta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, and a hint of chili pepper. For the main course, I relished the Grilled calamari served alongside steamed vegetables, drizzled with lemon-infused olive oil and sprinkled with fresh oregano. The Sea bass fillet, sauteed to perfection with steamed vegetables and greens, was another delightful highlight. To conclude this exquisite feast, I couldn't resist the Orange pie served with a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream. It was truly a culinary experience to remember.


Having had the pleasure of visiting Macarena in Mykonos, I can't help but share the magic of this place. It's not just a restaurant; it's a captivating experience that envelops you in the essence of the island. With each visit, I've been transported to a world where flavors dance on the palate and where every dish is a work of art. During one of my visits, I couldn't resist indulging in their delectable pancakes, a delightful treat that added to the charm of the experience.

Il Forno di Gerasimo

Il Forno di Gerasimo is a hidden gem in Mykonos. It took me by surprise as I stumbled upon it, tucked away from the bustling crowds on the streets. This charming spot offers a delightful selection of pastries, cakes, coffee, and sandwiches. It's a fast, clean, and friendly haven amidst the hustle and bustle, truly a diamond in the rough. What sets it apart is the freshness of everything they offer; you can witness the bakers at work while you place your order, a testament to the quality. Every bite I had was simply delicious. I can't sing their praises enough – Il Forno di Gerasimo comes highly recommended!


During my visit, I decided to satisfy my sweet tooth with a delightful stop at Crepaland. I couldn't resist ordering the 'Crepaland' waffles, featuring Stracciatella Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Grated Almond, and Chocolate Praline. To put it simply, it was a heavenly indulgence! The portion size was impressively generous; I must admit, I had a bit of a challenge finishing it all.

Pita Wrap & Pizza Mykonos

Another hidden gem that I stumbled upon in Mykonos is Pita Wrap & Pizza Mykonos. It all began when I ordered the 'Verdura Al Pesto' pizza with grilled vegetables, a whole wheat crust, and homemade basil pesto sauce to enjoy in the comfort of my Airbnb. The experience was absolutely delicious, which led me to visit their cozy establishment for a dine-in experience.

During my visit, I embarked on a culinary journey and tried their 'Mykonian Sausage Souvlaki' with mustard, tomato, onion, and fried potatoes, followed by the 'Chickpea Falafel Pita' accompanied by tomato, green salad, and a yogurt-tahini sauce. And, of course, I couldn't resist indulging in the 'Pork On The Grill Souvlaki' served with tomato, onion, parsley, and tzatziki – the traditional garlic and yogurt sauce.Every dish I tasted was a delightful explosion of flavors, leaving me eager to return for more. Pita Wrap & Pizza Mykonos is a culinary haven that I'll undoubtedly revisit!

Where to Stay in Mykonos, Greece

I decided to stay at an Airbnb hosted by a villa company called Calypso Sunset Villas during my time in Mykonos. It turned out to be an incredible experience, thanks to the exceptional service, a stunning villa boasting breathtaking views, and, most notably, Tsiki the kitty, who added an extra layer of coziness and made our stay truly memorable.

However, if you're seeking a more luxurious hotel experience on the island, here are some fantastic options:

Kivotos Mykonos: This boutique luxury hotel, located across the island from Mykonos Town, features a spectacular infinity pool overlooking its private beach. The rooms and suites, though minimalist, exude luxury—a common theme among the island's high-end hotels.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos: This upscale property offers 83 units, including rooms, suites, and villas, all beautifully designed for the luxury traveler. It's a frequent choice for celebrities and social influencers and is now considered a must-experience destination in Mykonos. The resort's pools are a highlight, including the Instafamous cave pools, a heart-shaped pool, and a saltwater infinity pool, all located inside private suites and villas. Cavo Tagoo is situated just outside Mykonos Town and provides complimentary shuttle service for guests.

Villa Thelgo Mykonos: This charming property features four split-level villas with two to three bedrooms, making it perfect for group stays. While just a couple of miles from Mykonos Town, the peaceful setting feels like a world away. The rooms are bright and incorporate iconic Greek decor elements, such as stone tubs, rock walls, and blue shutters.

Myconian Villa Collection: Overlooking Elia Beach on the southern coast of the island, this hotel offers breathtaking views and the option to stay in suites and villas with private plunge pools—a popular feature on Mykonos. It's a solid luxury choice for those willing to splurge during the peak season.

Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort: Ideal for travelers seeking high-end luxury, Santa Marina is a Luxury Collection property situated on a private beach with pristine sunbeds. Room options range from classic suites to five-bedroom villas, all adorned in bright, airy, and spacious designs with white and neutral tones.

Rocabella Mykonos: Located north of the port and a 15-minute drive from Mykonos Town, this Bohemian retreat boasts luxury cabanas, infinity pools, and plunge pools with sea views.

Each of these accommodations offers a unique and luxurious experience, ensuring an unforgettable stay on the stunning island of Mykonos.

Pro tip: While there are a few charming boutique hotels within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and bars in Mykonos Town, the majority of hotels are situated outside of town. Consider booking a hotel in the hills or along the beach for a relaxing stay. This way, you can indulge in poolside relaxation or beachfront bliss during the day and head into town at night to savor the culinary delights, enjoy drinks, and explore the vibrant atmosphere.

If you're a fan of bars, Mykonos has some top-notch spots for you to explore:

180 Sunset Bar: Perched on the highest peak in Mykonos Town, this outdoor bar offers a panoramic view of the port, Little Venice, the iconic windmills, and the charming white-washed town below. Grab an oversized pillow, order your favorite drink, and witness the breathtaking sunset.

Scorpio's Beach Club: While it's a scene and comes with a price tag, Scorpio's has become synonymous with Mykonos's party scene. It's a must-visit for those looking to immerse themselves in the island's vibrant nightlife.

Caprice Mykonos for Sunset: Located in the heart of Little Venice, this beautiful seafront bar offers a prime setting. Picture tiny white tables surrounded by pastel blue wooden chairs, creating a charming scene that's perfect for sipping drinks while enjoying a mesmerizing sunset. Reservations are recommended to secure your spot.

Alemagou: Although I only had the chance to swing by for a drink at their beach bar, I couldn't help but imagine how amazing it would have been to spend an entire day on Alemagou's secluded private beach. The vibes here were undeniably cool and bohemian, and the photos truly capture the essence of this remarkable place.

Nice N Easy: This popular bar and restaurant along the Little Venice waterfront is an ideal choice for a sunset dinner followed by drinks in a scenic setting.

Negrita Bar: Nestled in Little Venice, Negrita Bar is a lively spot with charming outdoor seating featuring white tables, vibrant bougainvilleas, and picturesque sea views.

Best Time to Visit Mykonos, Greece

Visiting Mykonos in the summertime, particularly in July and August, can be quite a bustling affair. These months tend to get scorchingly hot and packed with tourists.

Prepare yourself for lengthy lines at bars and restaurants, and securing a beach club spot requires an early bird approach.

Here's a handy tip: Consider planning your trip for June or September. During these months, everything is up and running, the water is delightfully refreshing, and you won't need to stress about booking restaurants weeks in advance as you would in peak season.

Now, if swimming isn't your top priority, May and October are also viable options. Temperatures are more forgiving, though the water might still be a bit brisk. Plus, you'll find better deals on accommodations and flights compared to the summer, and the island is delightfully serene. As for Mykonos in the winter, it's a whole different story – cold and windy. Personally, I visited Mykonos in September, and it was an absolute sweet spot for a fantastic and balanced vacation.

FAQs About Visiting Mykonos

How Many Days Should I Spend in Mykonos?

Well, it depends on what you want to do. If you're just looking to visit the main town, Chora, you can squeeze in a day trip from Santorini or nearby islands by ferry. But, if you're eager to really explore and make the most of Mykonos, I'd say three days is the sweet spot. Plus, renting a car for that time will give you the freedom to move around and discover more of what the island has to offer.

Do I Need to Rent a Car or ATV to Visit Mykonos?

Is Mykonos Safe for Tourists?

This Mykonos travel guide is designed to equip you with all the essentials for crafting a remarkable summer getaway. While there's an abundance of activities waiting to be explored on this captivating island, I've chosen to highlight my personal favorites. Above all, I encourage you to savor every moment and fully immerse yourself in the essence of Mykonos. While it's tempting to stick to the well-trodden tourist areas like Chora, consider venturing out to uncover the local life and hidden gems of the island.

If you found this post inspiring or have any burning questions about navigating Mykonos, don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below! Your feedback and queries are always welcomed with open arms.


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