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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece, holds a special place in my heart as a cherished destination. From Sarakiniko Beach's unique 'moonscapes' to the delightful fresh seafood and uncrowded downtown areas, it's undeniably a slice of paradise. With a direct port connection from Athens, Milos serves as the ideal launchpad for Greek Island hopping. Our journey included a scenic ferry ride, taking just under five hours, followed by a short taxi ride to our hotel.

For an authentic Greek Islands experience, especially in Milos and Santorini, I highly recommend exploring on an ATV or motorcycle. Opting for ATVs this time, they were ready and waiting at our hotel. With our vehicle, the entire island became our playground, starting with the beach and ending with a delightful Greek dinner in the downtown area.

Milos differs from other destinations—there's no need for a rigid schedule upon arrival. It's best to have a few places in mind, and our routine involved sleeping in, beach time, lunch, exploring, and returning for an evening in town. This Milos Travel Guide starts with our favorite spots and then details the beaches we fell in love with. The only challenge was uncertain lunch options at some beaches, but I've included this information for seamless planning.

Getting to Milos, Greece

Flying to Milos

The quickest and most convenient way for me to reach Milos would be to catch a flight from Athens. It's the exclusive air route to Milos since it's the only airport with flights to the island. The flight typically lasts about 40 minutes, and there are multiple flights available each week. What's great is that Milos airport is just a 5-minute drive from the main town, making it quite convenient! To ensure you secure my spot, especially during the busy summer season, you should make sure to book my flights well in advance.

Ferry to Milos

 I chose the ferry option to reach Milos for a more scenic journey, even though it was a bit longer. I departed from Piraeus Port in Athens, where ferries operated regularly, with up to seven crossings a day during the summer months. Opting for a high-speed vessel, my journey took around 3.5 hours, providing a picturesque experience. However, if you prefer a regular ferry, be prepared for a longer journey of at least 6 hours.

Additionally, I had the option to catch ferries to Milos from other islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros. Throughout September, ferries were available from various Greek Islands, including Crete, Ios, and Rhodes.

The route had multiple ferry operators with different prices and durations.

Things to Do in Milos, Greece


As the island's capital village, Plaka stands out as a must-visit destination on any Milos itinerary. To make the most of your visit and avoid the daytime crowds, I suggest arriving early in the morning. This way, you can wander through the charming cobblestone alleyways of Plaka, discovering hidden gems like stunning churches and breathtaking viewpoints without the hustle and bustle of tourists.

One particularly enchanting spot is the Church of Panagia Korfiatissa, offering a spectacular view of the surroundings, including the distant Plathiena Beach. Additionally, don't miss the Venetian Castle perched above the village, although I recommend saving it for another time to catch the mesmerizing sunset. That being said, if you have some extra energy in the morning, feel free to climb up and explore (just be sure to return for the sunset experience later).


Situated along the northern coastline of Milos, the delightful fishing village of Firopotamos is a mere 10-minute drive from Plaka, making it an ideal next stop on your itinerary. Boasting a golden sand beach, charming boathouses, and pristine waters, Firopotamos is rightfully a popular destination. While there may not be an abundance of activities, the unparalleled beauty of the place is a compelling reason to visit. Allocate at least half an hour for exploration, or more if you plan to indulge in some beach time.

During your visit to Firopotamos, ensure you explore the Church of Agios Nikolaos and take a moment to unwind on the stunning beach. Despite its small size, the beach offers a breathtaking setting surrounded by azure waters and cliffs. Firopotamos is an absolute must-visit during your three days in Milos, so make sure not to overlook this enchanting destination!


If you were captivated by Firopotamos, get ready for Mandrakia – another picturesque fishing village located just under a 10-minute drive away. Here, colorful houses grace the bay, creating a postcard-perfect scene. While Mandrakia may be small, sparing some time for exploration is a must. Trust me, you won't want to overlook this gem on your Milos itinerary.

If you happen to find yourself in Mandrakia around lunchtime and have worked up an appetite, consider stopping at Medusa, renowned as one of the best restaurants in Milos. Overlooking the Aegean Sea, the restaurant provides a dining experience accompanied by the soothing sounds of waves. The delectable Mediterranean cuisine, featuring seafood, Greek specialties, and a variety of Ouzo and wines, makes it a culinary delight. With its delightful food, breathtaking views, and charming ambiance, Mandrakia deserves a prominent place on your Milos itinerary!

Fyriplaka Beach

Fyriplaka Beach stands as one of the most renowned beaches in Milos, and its popularity is easily justified. Boasting shimmering white sands, crystal-clear waters, and striking landscapes, this beach offers an ideal setting for relaxation and a refreshing swim. It's also a fantastic spot for sunbathing and snorkeling, with the highlight being the massive rocky outcrop situated about halfway down the beach. This impressive outcrop features an archway within the rock, allowing swimmers to pass through it.

Given its popularity, Fyriplaka Beach tends to draw a crowd. Parking spaces are limited, particularly during the high season, making it challenging to secure a spot in the middle of the afternoon. If you're without a car, fret not – there's a convenient bus stop near the beach, providing easy access without any hassle.

Tsigrado Beach

For those seeking a spectacular beach off the beaten path, Tsigrado Beach is an ideal destination. Tucked away and secluded, this beach presents a unique challenge as it can only be accessed by descending a ladder, making it a choice not suitable for everyone. However, if you're up for a bit of adventure, the reward is one of the most stunning and private beaches in Milos.

Measuring only a few meters in width but stretching over 100 meters in length, Tsigrado Beach offers ample space to unwind and relish the breathtaking views. The crystal-clear water, coupled with an ideal swimming temperature, provides a refreshing experience after the descent. Just ensure you wear appropriate shoes, as the ladder can be a bit slippery.

Considering Tsigrado Beach is located in close proximity to Fyriplaka, it makes sense to explore both in a single day. However, given the challenging descent to Tsigrado, feel free to skip it if you prefer – you'll have the opportunity to admire it from a boat tomorrow!

Paleochori Beach

Paleochori Beach is a must-include destination on this Milos itinerary. Nestled on the south coast of the island, it stands out as one of the most vibrant beaches, deviating from the usual pristine white sands by incorporating colorful pebbles, creating a unique hue. The beach is embraced by striking red rock cliffs, a testament to the volcanic origins of the area.

Paleochori offers an ideal setting for relaxation, sunbathing, and a refreshing swim. The crystal-clear water is particularly inviting on a scorching summer day. For those seeking a touch of adventure beyond sunbathing, the beach provides numerous watersports options. Additionally, the beach is lined with plenty of tavernas and bars, ensuring a variety of choices for dining and beverages.

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach stands out as one of the most distinctive beaches in Greece. Blanketed in white limestone, the beach exudes an otherworldly atmosphere. While the crystal-clear water provides an inviting opportunity for swimming, the true highlight lies in the mesmerizing landscape. With an endless expanse of white rock, unique formations, and expansive hollows, the beach creates a surreal experience that transports you to another world – almost like stepping onto the moon.

This beach is a favorite among photographers and warrants at least an hour of exploration. If you're inclined towards swimming or cliff jumping, budgeting a couple of hours is easily justified. Despite its remote feel, Sarakiniko Beach is a highly popular destination and tends to get crowded during the day. To fully appreciate its beauty without the crowds and secure a parking spot effortlessly, I recommend heading there early in the morning.

Papafragas Caves

After you soak in the beauty of Sarakiniko Beach, hop back in your car for a quick 10-minute drive to another amazing spot in Milos. Papafragas Caves & Beach is a total natural wonder – picture this, a beach surrounded by towering cliffs and crystal clear waters, truly a sight to behold. But here's the thing, getting down there is a bit tricky. The parking lot sits up on the cliff, and you've got to navigate a steep set of stairs to make your way down.

They've even got a warning sign at the start, so if you decide to take the plunge, be extra careful!

If it's been raining or the wind is acting up, it's probably best to skip it. But hey, if you're not up for the climb, you can still take in the breathtaking views from the cliff tops before you head off to the next stop on your Milos adventure. Just play it safe, you know?


Pollonia stands out as one of the island's most picturesque fishing villages, adorned with small whitewashed houses along the bay and a pristine beach. Along the waterfront, numerous tavernas beckon, each offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Additionally, the village is home to two beautiful churches – Agia Paraskevi and the Church of Saint Nicholas.

As the next activity on your Milos itinerary involves a boat tour departing from Pollonia, it's worth arriving a bit earlier to leisurely explore the village. Take a stroll and soak in the charming atmosphere before embarking on the next adventure.

Where to Eat in Milos, Greece

Get ready to treat your taste buds to the incredible flavors of Milos, Greece! I'm excited to share my personal guide on where to eat in this beautiful island paradise. From seaside gems to cozy village spots, Milos offers a feast of Mediterranean delights that will make your culinary adventure unforgettable. Join me as we explore the warmth of Greek hospitality and the diverse tastes that Milos has to offer. Let's dive into the best eateries and savor the authentic flavors that make this island a food lover's dream!

Mikros Apoplous

This charming spot right by the sea became a favorite, with its cozy atmosphere and the freshest seafood on the menu.

O Chalaris

Our family dinner at O Chalaris was a delightful mix of traditional Greek flavors and international twists, making it a memorable experience.


We enjoyed a picturesque evening at Armira, savoring delicious Greek dishes while being surrounded by the calming sounds of the waterfront.


Our go-to for a seafood feast, Navagio offered a relaxed setting and an array of dishes showcasing the best catches of the day.


Overlooking the harbor, Enalion provided not just a meal but a complete Mediterranean dining experience, with its stunning views and delectable offerings.

O Giorgis

The laid-back vibe at O Giorgis made it the perfect spot for comforting Greek classics and a genuine taste of local hospitality.

Nostos Seafood Experience

Our culinary journey reached new heights at Nostos, where the focus on the freshest catches and traditional Greek flavors made for an unforgettable seafood experience.


Palaios Pastry is an absolute dessert haven! The entire shop is filled with the delightful aroma of homemade treats. Be sure not to overlook the orange cake with olive oil—it's a mouthwatering experience that simply melts in your mouth.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

If you're heading to Milos and want an authentic experience, I'd recommend going the Airbnb route. I opted for this on my visit, and it added a personal touch to the whole adventure.

For the best stay, I'd suggest the North side of the island. It's got the highest concentration of nearby beaches and isn't too far from the bustling shops and restaurants in Plaka or Pollonia. Keep in mind that Plaka is way larger than Pollonia!

Here are some top picks that balance amenities, view, and location:

  1. Venia’s Guesthouse – $ – A comfy apartment-style building with a sea-view patio in charming Pollonia.

  2. Sirma Klima – $$ – The most traditional beach house stay on the popular Klima beach.

  3. Blue Mare – $$ – A Greek beachfront home on one of my favorite beaches on the island.

  4. Apollon by Akropolon – $$ – One of the top-rated Airbnb’s in downtown Pollonia.

  5. Delmar Apartments & Suites Milos – $$ – Located in Pollonia village, just 131 feet from the beach, the restaurants and the shops.

  6. Aigeis-Milos Suites – $$$ – A traditional Cycladic-style space with a brick fireplace and sea views. On the south side of Milos, but between two beautiful beaches.

  7. Manolis and Filio Home by the Sea – $$$$ – A Cycladic house in a traditional fishing village right in front of the sea, where you can swim and enjoy sunsets from the balcony.

Best Time to Visit Milos, Greece

The absolute sweet spot to soak in the beauty of Milos, Greece, is from May to October. Picture this: less wind, and the water gradually turning into your favorite warm bath as summer unfolds. I had the pleasure of experiencing this magic in September, and let me tell you, it was like stepping into a Mediterranean dream. The late summer vibes and gentle breezes made Milos feel like a true paradise. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the island's charm during this perfect stretch of time!


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