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  • How do you edit your pictures?
    I edit my photographs in Adobe Lightroom, which is available for Windows and Mac. I rely on Lightroom to help me take my images to the next level, and I strongly advise any blogger or photographer to get a subscription to the desktop version. There is also a mobile edition, but I like using it on the PC because of its greater functionality.
  • Who takes your photos?
    I ask my travel companions to take my pictures. That’s usually my boyfriend, my sister, or a friend. I set up the photo framing and settings, take a sample photo to show them exactly when I want, and then jump in the frame.
  • What tips do you have for someone who wants to start a blog?
    My most essential piece of advice is to JUST BEGIN! Analysis paralysis exists, and if you can't figure out how to begin, you won't be able to do it. But learning as you go is crucial. Watch YouTube videos, join Facebook groups for bloggers, and build relationships with people in your field.
  • How did you become a travel blogger?
    Travel has always been a passion of mine. Every adventure is life-changing for me. While on my travels, I discovered unique locations and "best things to do," which I then shared with friends and family. I wanted to share my favorite places and activities with a larger audience, so I started a blog and Instagram account. It was quite difficult, but I persisted and built it up over time.
  • Do you blog full time?
    No, I don't blog full time. I have a day job as a creative director (among many other things) for my family's small marketing company. But I eventually want to be able to blog full time! Right now, I'm using my evenings and weekends to work on my blog and hone my skills. I think the best way to become a full-time blogger is to start small and grow your audience over time. That's what I'm doing, and it seems to be working so far! I’m grateful that I’ve been able to successfully manage to do both for the time being.
  • How do you make money from your blog?
    The main ways I make money from my blog are through brand collaborations (a brand will pay me to promote their product/service on one of my platforms), freelance writing (I’m a freelance travel writer for other media organizations), and affiliate marketing (when someone makes a purchase through a link I provide I make a small commission, at no extra expense to them).
  • How do you grow an Instagram following?
    It’s not easy to grow a following on Instagram, but with persistence and dedication, it’s possible! My biggest tips are to create high-quality content (buy a real camera and learn how to use it, get Lightroom to edit and provide value in your image and captions) and engage a lot (commenting, liking, and DMing others in your industry and people who may be interested in your content). It will take a lot of time. Patience and hard work are key here.
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